Services Organization

Department Manager Andrea Milanese +39.02.2399.8331
Secretary Laura Lupano +39.02.2399.8339
Communication Laura Dalzini +39.02.2399.8327
Administration & Accounting Matilde Cambiaghi +39.02.2399.3827
Support to Education Luca Zioni +39.02.2399.8323
Support to Research Annamaria Roverselli +39.02.2399.8321
ICT Services Stefano Anghileri +39.02.2399.8386
General Services & Logistics Luca Zioni +39.02.2399.8323
Aerodynamic Lab Gabriele Campanardi +39.02.2399.8086
Experimental Test Lab Paolo Rubini +39.02.2399.8646
Space Propulsion Lab Giovanni Colombo +39.02.2399.8059
Transport Safety Lab Andrea Milanese +39.02.2399.7160
Technologic Lab Silvio Ferragina +39.02.2399.8037
Compressible-fluid Dynamics for Renewable Energy Applications Lab Alberto Guardone +39.02.2399.8393
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