Message from the Head of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of Politecnico di Milano (DAER), the only University Department in Italy entirely dedicated to the aerospace studies.

The Department was officially established in its present status in January 2013, as a result of the latest University reform in Italy. It inherits the long and successful tradition in aeronautics and aerospace that Politecnico di Milano has nurtured since the early days of aviation.

Today the typical contemporary values of technical research and education are one of the characters of the Department staff. We all have an innate passion for invention and engineering and in particular for all kinds of flying vehicles. Our target is to pursue high-level research, publishing and teaching. We have an innate capacity to further the intellectual and professional growth of faculty and staff. We are committed to provide the best-quality education to our students. We believe in a friendly partnership with industry and other national and international research centres. We have a strong sense of responsibility regarding our professional duties and a sense of service to human society. We share a deep sense of community and mutual respect and a belief that a collegial, collaborative and welcoming environment is vital to our success.

We are all working to achieve highly ambitious goals. We foster research opportunities that will improve tomorrow’s aerospace technologies, in cooperation with people from Universities and industries all over the world. We educate young people attending aerospace courses through modern teaching methods and international exchanges of faculty and students. We designed our PhD program as a first-class international course, populated with high-quality foreign students and teachers. We enhance fund raising capabilities by furthering national and international ties. We maintain state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities, which are essential to support aerospace education and research. Overall, we improve the performance of our University in international rankings.

We invite you to discover the Department, surfing the website on a complete tour.

Giuseppe Sala
Full Professor of Aerospace Structures and Design
Head of the Department

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