Continuing Education

Fundamentals of the Air Transport System - 2023-2024 Edition

1st Level Specializing Master Course

Organized by:
DAER - Department of Aerospace Science and Technology
Politecnico di Milano



March 27th 2023 - April 1st 2024


The air transport system is an inherently multidisciplinary field, where technical and organizational skills are needed to face both normal operation and developmental programs.
Today, commercial aviation is experiencing a significant growth at a global level. All major players in the system, including airlines, handling and airport management companies, as well as regulators and supervisory agencies, will need to cope with this trend, relying on highly skilled professionals with an excellent technical qualification in aeronautics and a deep knowledge of the processes typical to the air transport system, from the global picture to the innermost components.
The proposed Master Course will allow the participants to develop a complete knowledge of the air transport system in its multiple aspects, by means of a structured theoretical approach well suited for engineers, followed by a practical internship period with the tuition of experienced industry staff. Following an initial set of common modules, each student will have the opportunity to take a second set of modules arranged in two distinct tracks, according to his or her interests. An internship of a minimum of 4 months in a qualified organization will be provided to all the participants.
At the end of the Course, the participants will have gained a good familiarity with the field of air transport, which will constitute a primary asset for a successful job application in the field, easing their transition from the academic world to the job market.


Common modules  (30 CFU)
Module 1: Civil Aviation System
Module 2: Cybersecurity
Module 3: Quality Assurance and Compliance Monitoring
Module 4: Safety Management System
Module 5: Accident Investigation
Module 6: Human Factors
Module 7: Emergency Management

Optional modules  (10 CFU)
Module 8: Airport Capacity
Module 9: Airport Management System
Module 10: Airports and Airspace
Module 11: Psychology and Stress in Air Transport
Module 12: Air Transport Company
Module 13: Continued airworthiness, maintenance and engineering

4-months Internship (20 CFU)


A Bachelor of Science (Laurea) in Engineering is required. For candidates graduated abroad, equivalent qualifications in the respective educational Institutions will be considered. The Admission Board will select the students to be accepted by means of CV evaluation and oral examination.
Enrolment requests should be received by March 3rd 2023. A maximum of 25 students will be admitted.


Total costs: 8.000 ( 7.500 tuition fee plus 500 enrolment fee) to be paid in two instalments.


Scholarships covering the whole tuition fee or a part of it will be made available by collaborating industrial subjects. They will be assigned by the Admission Board after the expiration of the enrolment deadline.


Politecnico di Milano, Bovisa Campus, Via La Masa 34, Milano. The internship period will be hosted by companies acknowledged by the Board of the Master.


Master Director:
Prof. Giuseppe Sala
Tel. +39.02.2399.8399

Scientific Director:
Dr. Carlo E.D. Riboldi
Tel. +39.02.2399.8342

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