Student Competition Awards 2013

Project Flybrid

Student team: Giorgio Enrico Bona (team leader), Robert Aroca Bosque, Mattia Bucari, Andrea Castagnoli, Adrián Gomariz Casado (Erasmus)
Lorenzo Trainelli
2013 Airbus “Fly Your Ideas” contest
Competition type: International student design competition
Airbus + UNESCO
Finalist (one of 5 out of 618)


Flybrid is an integrated concept aimed to the transformation of regional aviation at large. It is based on a novel 90-seat hybrid-electric airliner using only a variable quantity of pre-charged batteries to avoid in-flight battery recharge. This solution is framed within the airport system, in terms of both battery handling on the apron and battery recharging in dedicated areas that can be conveniently integrated as active nodes within a regional electric grid.


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  1. Bona G. E., Bucari M., Castagnoli A., Trainelli L., "Flybrid:  Envisaging the Future Hybrid-Powered Regional Aviation", AIAA paper no. 2014-2733, AIAA/3AF Aircraft Noise and Emissions Reduction Symposium, AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition 2014, Atlanta, GA, USA, June 16-20, 2014. doi:10.2514/6.2014-2733

Project Argus

Student team: Roberto Alicino, Daniel Alvarez Cadena (Erasmus), Luca Arpaia, Samuele Draghi, Andrea Faina (team leader), Carlo Fuentes Roman (Erasmus)
Lorenzo Trainelli, Stefano Cacciola, Federico Gualdoni
PoliMI “Switch2Product” contest
Competition type: Student design competition
Politecnico di Milano
Selected in the 10 best ideas


The Argus is an innovative UAV designed for high-precision agricultural and environmental monitoring applications, with a remarkably high endurance and operational flexibility.

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