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5th International Multibody System Dynamics Workshop & Summer School, Lake Como, 11-15 September 2023

Aims and scope

Methods of multibody system dynamics represent a widespread, versatile and reliable approach to the simulation of engineering problems that involve the dynamics of complex mechanisms.
Applications of these methods can be found in many fields, for instance in aerospace, automotive, biomechanics, robotics and automation, to name a few.

Partecipants to this workshop will have the opportunity to interact with people from a diverse range of backgrounds: other students, researchers, professionals from industries and faculty staff. Lecturers are experts in their chosen fields and committed to teaching with academic rigour and contemporary relevance.

This Summer School is part of the curriculum of the PhD Programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering of Politecnico di Milano.
Jointly organized by Politecnico di Milano and Università di Parma

Pre-application deadline: June 10, 2023;
Instructions here: https://mbsd.lakecomoschool.org/ ↗

Directors: Pierangelo Masarati, Politecnico di Milano Alessandro Tasora, Università di Parma
Keynote speakers: Olivier Bruls, University of Liège Johannes Gerstmayr, University of Innsbruck Radu Serban, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Other lecturers from academia, research centers, and industry.

Short bio
Pierangelo Masarati ↗ teaches rotorcraft design and multibody system dynamics, and is the main developer of MBDyn https://www.mbdyn.org/ ↗
Alessandro Tasora teaches applied mechanics and is the main developer of Chrono::Engine https://projectchrono.org ↗