FMSlab - Flight Mechanics & Flight Systems Laboratory

FMSlab - Flight Mechanics & Flight Systems Laboratory


Contact Person

Prof. Lorenzo Trainelli

Phone Number

+39 02 2399 8387

Mail Address

Ongoing activities

  • Electric and hybrid-electric aircraft design, analysis, and operations.
  • Design of innovative fixed-wing and rotary-wing configurations.
  • Strategies for electric and hybrid-electric fleet switching.
  • Contactless rotor flapping measurement systems.
  • Simulation of low-noise rotorcraft terminal trajectories.
  • Cockpit instrumentation for rotorcraft noise monitoring (Pilot Acoustic Indicator).
  • Optimal propeller design.
  • Rotorcraft control, dynamics, and aeroelasticity.
  • Comprehensive Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) system for light aircraft.
  • Flight testing for the development and certification of a new ultralight aircraft.
  • Optimal trajectory planning for agricultural and environmental aerial missions.
  • Automated flight test procedures for UAVs.

Future plans

  • Electric rotorcraft design and simulation.
  • Continuing enhancement of comprehensive rotorcraft simulation tools.
  • Validation of a novel formulation for airplane trim and stability through flight testing.

ERC Keywords

  1. PE8_1 Aerospace engineering
  2. PE8_4 Computational engineering
  3. PE7_1 Control engineering
  4. PE7_3 Simulation engineering and modelling

Free Keywords

  1. Aircraft design.
  2. Electric propulsion in aviation.
  3. Fixed-wing aircraft modelling and simulation.
  4. Rotary-wing aircraft modelling and simulation.
  5. Trajectory optimization.
  6. Onboard sensor systems.
  7. Cockpit instrumentation.
  8. Flight testing.

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