H2020 | EMS UHPE - Engine Mount System for Ultra High Pass Engine

Polimi role: Partner

Scientific coordinator: Gianluca Ghiringhelli

Project Website:

Our consortium is applying for the Engine Mounts System (EMS) of the Ultra High Propulsive Efficiency. Our 3 objectives are: 1) Assist the Engine Manufacturer and the Airframer in the evaluation and selection of the most promising and suitable Engine Mounts System (EMS) configuration. Criteria for evaluation: weight, cost, dynamic performance, certification, impact on engine and aircraft assembly. - 2) Design, build and test the selected concept for the Ground Test (GT) that is planned to validate study predictions and performances. Our intent is to develop solutions and technologies to minimize weight, reduce manufacturing process complexity, improve system dynamic performance, increase reliability and provide continuous monitoring of system health and usage and measure in-flight EMS conditions and loads. The plan includes new solutions and technologies with a min. TRL 4 at CDR in order to advance to TRL 5, 6 at GT incl. EMS overall configuration validation and component optimization. - 3) To develop and insert new solutions for ground test with lower TRL’s than 4 at CDR as parallel activities. These lower TRL solutions selected on their potential to provide a significant leap in the performance, manufacturing and assembly. Our consortium consists of: 1) international company with global reach & renown experience in the EMS industry, LORD Corp; 2) a German SME, excelling in manufacturing of aerospace structures, HEGGEMANN; 3) an Italian consulting SME in the field of structural mechanics, Vicoter; 4) an Italian University, one of the leading science and technology universities in Europe, Politecnico di Milano. This consortium set up a Work Plan starting in 3Q 2015 for a duration of 72 months, which is divided into 7 Work Packages: WP1: Management & reporting; WP2: Concept Studies & EMS Specification definition; WP3: GT Design & Development; WP4: GT Manufacturing & Delivery; WP5: GT Qualification & Testing; WP6: Support for Engine GT; WP7: Innovation & new Technologies development.

Program: Horizon 2020
SubProgram: Pillar III - Societal Challenge
Call: H2020-CS2-CFP01-2014-01
Topic: JTI-CS2-2014-CFP01-ENG-01-01
Start date: 16-03-2016 | Length: 72 months

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