H2020 | U-HARWARD - Ultra High Aspect Ratio Wing Advanced Research and Designs

Polimi role: Coordinator

Scientific coordinator: Sergio Ricci

Project Website:

U-HARWARD will consider the use of innovative aerodynamic and aeroelastic designs in a multi-fidelity multi-disciplinary optimal design approach to facilitate the development of Ultra-High aspect ratio wings for large transport aircraft. A conceptual design study, building on the current state of the art, will perform trade-off studies to determine the potential gains of different wing configurations and loads alleviation concepts in terms of aerodynamics, weight, noise, fuel-burn and range. Scaled model wind tunnel tests will be used to validate parametric variations in the aerodynamic and acoustic characteristics. Starting from a reference aircraft, the preliminary design of the best candidate configuration will be completed and the estimated gains validated using high fidelity tools and a larger scale aeroelastic test.

Program: Horizon 2020
SubProgram: Pillar III - Societal Challenge
Call: H2020-CS2-CFP10-2019-01
Topic: JTI-CS2-2019-CFP10-THT-07 - Ultra-High Aspect ratio wings
Start date: 01-05-2020 | Length: 42 months

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