A helicopter is born: from vehicle to product to asset


Helicopters are fascinating assets, more so if you can look at them from different angles and perspectives.

From designing to manufacturing, from marketing to selling and financing, everything needs to align perfectly to make it a real success.

Emerging eVTOLs pose a new challenge and require stakeholders to think well ahead.

October 28, 2022, 12:15-14:15, room BL27.16, Campus Bovisa, Milano.

This seminar is part of the "Rotorcraft Design" course, M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering.

Sponsored by DAER with the support of AIDAA - Associazione Italiana di Aeronautica e Astronautica, Lombardy Chapter The capacity of the room is limited; priority will be given to students enrolled in the course, but the seminar will be accessible online through Webex at the link


Roberto Farnese, Vice President Commercial Milestone Aviation

Short bio

Roberto is an aviation and air-mobility enthusiast.

Passionate about flight since he has memory, he graduated from Politecnico di Milano in Aerospace Engineering in 2006 and worked for some of the major companies in the helicopter industry (Leonardo, Bell) with growing Sales and Marketing responsibilities.

He currently works for Milestone Aviation, the largest lessor in the industry, as Vice President Commercial, with commercial and business development responsibilities over the company key customer accounts and the worldwide Search and Rescue market. His motto is "Altitude is directly proportional to Equality".

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