Asteroids and Space Debris: Challenges and Opportunities. Research activities within Stardust-R

11.2.2020 - h 17:30 - Room L1.2, First Floor, Building B12 - Politecnico di Milano - Via La Masa, 34 - Milano

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Event Description: Asteroid and Space debris represent unique opportunities for exploration, exploitation and sustainability of the space environment. They also pose new challenges and risks that have to be dealt with by a new generation of researchers and with innovative techniques.

What are asteroids and why are they so important? What do we know about them and how can we explore these tiny worlds? What are space debris and what are we doing to deal with them? Have you ever heard of the Kessler syndrome?

If you are curious about these topics in this event you will have the opportunity to discuss them with some of the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) from the Stardust-R network and see how they plan to deal with them. The event will take the form of a discussion panel, so anybody interested and from any background is invited to join and bring their own perspective into the talk.

Event planning: First the ESRs will introduce these topics with short presentations, followed by a disucsion between them on the hot-topics and research interests. The public will then be involved to participate to the discussions with questions and ideas.

What is Stardust-R: Stardust-R is a European research project to explore and exploit asteroids and make the use of space sustainable. The project will address the growing need for a global space traffic management system, sustainable exploitation of space, the resilience of the space environment, the threat and opportunities coming from asteroids and comets. There are 15 ESRs (or Stardusters) in the network and they represent a new generation of scientists and engineers to develop technologies and effective solutions to critical and emerging problems in planetary defence, and the sustainable exploitation of space.

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