26 October 2017, Room L.12, ore 16:30, Building B12

Politecnico di Milano
Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Aerospaziali
Campus Bovisa Sud
Via La Masa 34
20156 Milano

Rear Admiral (ret) Massimo ANNATI

The availability of Unmanned Air Vehicles can be highly beneficial for naval operations in current scenarios.
In recent times, there were some significant examples where unmanned air assets took part in real-life operations, providing number of lessons to be carefully evaluated.
The talk will address some specific aspects related to the UAVs operations onboard naval vessels.

  • Manned vs unmanned solutions at sea
  • Real-life operationsí experiences
  • Specific naval requirements
  • Main ongoing programs and future projects
  • Q&A

Short Bio
A Weapon Engineer graduated from the Naval Academy and the Naval War College.
Served onboard a number of surface combatants (frigates, destroyers, cruisers) of both the Italian and the US Navy.
Former Head of International Matters and Cooperation at the Naval Armament General Directorate.
Currently Chairman of the European Working Group on Non-Lethal Weapons.
RADM Annati is a regular contributor to many international publications and magazines on defence and security matters.

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