Ethical Aspects of Research in Dual-Use Technologies, 2021-2022 edition


The Ph.D. course "Ethical Aspects of Research in Dual-Use Technologies" ended today. It is part of the syllabus offered by the Ph.D. School of Politecnico di Milano.

Under the supervision of professor Pierangelo Masarati and with the support of professor Pierluigi Di Lizia, it gives the students an opportunity to understand possible military an security implications of their research, training them to recognize and address potential ethical dilemmas in a controlled environment, through the analysis of technical and legislative aspects of dual-use technologies.

This edition, the third, saw the participation of about 25 students from 10 Ph.D. Programs as diverse as Engineering, Architecture, and Design; a clear sign of the growing sensibility at Politecnico di Milano concerning issues of this kind.

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