Superquark August 7, 2019: Internet from Space, a new era for space traffic and space debris challenges

Towards a new era of space traffic with the launch of hundreds of satellites in large constellations that will offer fast and low-cost internet from space rather than fiber. This revolution, allowed by the lowering of production and launch costs, will allow the fruition of these services by the entire population of the Earth, but will also lead to new challenges related to the increasing number of satellites in orbit. What can happen in space once there are so many satellites? Well, what happens on our roads can happen: traffic, accidents, pollution. And what is the solution? Simple, regulating Space as it already done for air and road traffic.

Superquark service by Giovanni Carrada and Daniela Franco. Interviewed Massimiliano Ladovaz, Technical Director of OneWeb Toulouse and Camilla Colombo of the Department of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies of Politecnico di Milano.

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