The PoliSpace FAST team wins the Student Aerospace Challenge


The FAST (Fast AeroSpace Transportation) Team, a group of students formed within Politecnico di Milano's PoliSpace student association, is the Winner of the Ariane Groupe Prize in the Student Aerospace Challenge.

The team, supervised by prof. Roberto Andriani, is composed of Lorenzo Beggio, Mattia Gabriele Bertolini, Alessandro Castelvetri, Alberto Chiozzi, Luca Colombo (all undergraduate students at the time of the challenge).

They designed a hypersonic multi-purpose engine, Trinity, a combined cycle hydrolox engine for commercial suborbital spaceflight applications.

This machine would be capable of powering the hauling of hundreds of passengers and goods across the planet with unprecedented speed and ease: 10,000 km, the distance between Paris and Tokyo, in two hours.

Trinity engine cleverly merges three already-existing modes of propulsion in a compact and efficient configuration, burning only hydrogen as fuel.

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