Airbus helicopter H160 landing gear certification

On February 22ND the dynamic certification tests of the new Airbus helicopter H160 landing gear were concluded, in the presence of an officer from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) in charge to witness the tests. The activity was carried out at LaST - Laboratory for Transport Safety - Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, campus Candiani.

The laboratory is equipped with a drop tower designed and manufactured for this type of tests, finalised at the verification of the shock absorber performances and the measure of the loads transferred to the aricraft structure. This test rig is operating since 20 years and was used for the landing gear certification of other aircraft, like Agusta 109 and Bell 418 rotorcraft and Aermacchi 260, Eclipse Aerospace EA500, Diamond Aircraft Industries D-Jet and Turkish Aerospace Industries Hurkus fixed wing aircraft.

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