Asteroid 24890 “Amaliafinzi”

In recognition of the work carried out by prof. Amalia Ercoli Finzi for the international scientific community in the field of Spaceflight Mechanics and Space Missions Design, and in honor of her fundamental contribution to the cometary exploration mission Rosetta, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) assigned the name "Amaliafinzi" to asteroid 24890 (1996 XV32).

24890 Amaliafinzi is an asteroid that moves in a path included in the Main Belt, the area between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, at an average distance from the Sun of more than 400 million kilometers. A year on asteroid 24890 Amaliafinzi lasts about five Earth years. The asteroid was discovered in 1996 by the Italian astronomers Maura Tombelli and Claudio Casacci at the astronomical observatory of the National Institute of Astrophysics located at Cima Ekar (Italy).

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