Complex Aerospace Systems

Conceptual and preliminary design of innovative configurations ranging from Personal Air Vehicles (PAVs) to General Aviation aircraft and commuters/regional airliners.
Integration of VTOL capabilities, electric and hybrid-electric powertrains, structural batteries.

Flight testing of aircraft and systems

Methodologies, tools and dedicated Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) for in-flight testing of aircraft and systems.

Helicopters and advanced rotorcraft configurations

Rotorcraft aerodynamics, structural dynamics and aeroservoelasticity, flight controls, handling qualities; dynamics of pilots’ biomechanics and neuromuscular activity; increase in efficient cruise speed; exterior and interior noise reduction.

Integrated aero-servo-elastic modelling

Interaction between Aircraft Flight Control System (AFCS) and the pilots, new aeroservoelastic control concepts, fluid-structure interaction, High-fidelity multi-scale models (CFD + CSD).

Multi-functional components and structures

Health structural monitoring and structural morphing.

Multidisciplinary analysis, design, and optimization methodologies

Multidisciplinary optimization, effects of uncertainty in the design process.

Reduced order modelling of complex systems

Algorithms for ROM generation, efficient and numerically robust computational techniques.

Simulating and testing highly nonlinear phenomena

Massive flow separation, fluid-structure interaction, impact dynamics in crashworthy design, structural and flow instabilities and control, modeling of the inelastic behavior of composite materials, modeling and testing of thin structures subject to static and dynamic instability, modeling of the interactions between post-buckled conditions and damage propagation in composites.

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