Seminari Dipartimentali 2018

21/11/2018 ore 12:00, Sala Consiglio DAER

Kartik Kumar

Integrated Mission Design using Electronic Data Sheets

9/11/2018 ore 16:30, Aula L 1.2, Building B12

Riccardo Bianco Mengotti

Student Design Competition of the Vertical Flight Society for the Conceptual Design of a Very High Altitude HEMS

19/10/2018 ore 17:00, Aula L 1.3, Building B12

Don Eyles

Tales from the Lunar Module Guidance Computer

15/10/2018 ore 11:15

Andrea Penza

Formula One Aerodynamic Development

15/10/2018 ore 11:00, Sala Consiglio DAER

Hanspeter Schaub

A Modular and Integrated Approach for Spacecraft Dynamics and Autonomy Simulation

12/10/2018 ore 14:15, Sala Consiglio DAER

Andres Marcos

Robust Modelling, Analysis and Control in Aerospace: from LFT and H-infinity to LPV

8/10/2018 ore 17:15, Sala Consiglio DAER

Juergen Rouleder

Interactional Rotorcraft Aeromechanics - Current Research and Future Challenges for Vertical Lift Aircraft

8/10/2018 ore 16:15, Sala Consiglio DAER

Andrea Ronch

Speedup of Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Analysis of Fixed Wing Aircraft

20/9/2018 ore 11:30, Sala Consiglio DAER

Francesco Capolupo

Guidance Solutions for Electric Propulsion-based Rendezvous Missions

15/6/2018 ore 12:00, Room Dirigibile DAER

Aaron J. Rosengren

Orbital Resonances and Averaging in the Motion of Satellites

28/5/2018 ore 14:30, Sala Consiglio DAER

Martin Lara

Analytical approximations to the restricted 3-body problem dynamics: the case of Distant Retrograde Orbits

23/3/2018 ore 12:00, Sala Consiglio DAER

Maria Piera Padula

Space is getting crowded: the challenge of space traffic management

23/3/2018 ore 11:00, Sala Consiglio DAER

Daniel Oltrogge

Space debris risk and mitigation options

21/3/2018 ore 12:00, Sala Meeting Dipartimento di Energia

Guido Sonnemann and Thibaut Maury

Considering environmental impacts of Space Missions thanks to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Methodology

12/3/2018 ore 12:00, Sala Consiglio DAER

You Zhou

Human Versus Artificial Intelligence in Turbulent Jet Control

21/2/2018 ore 12:00, Sala Consiglio DAER

Zdravko Terze

Multibody System Dynamics in Fluid Flow: Geometric Mechanics Approach

31/1/2018 ore 11:00, Sala Consiglio DAER

Rafael Toledo

Space Science and Engineering Lab at Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain: experience and current working lines

24/1/2018 ore 12:00, Sala Consiglio DAER

Hans Ulrich Auster

Magnetic field Investigation on ESA’s ROSETTA Mission

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