Promoting active involvement of girls and women into STEM


Our Lorcan Kelleher, final year student of the MSc Space Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, is doing research into attitudes of girls and women to STEM, with the support of PoliMi, prof. Mara Tanelli from the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria and prof. Pierluigi Di Lizia from the Department of Aerospace Science and Technologies.

Within this framework, he delivered four amazing workshops on rockets to the 5th and 6th class girls of St. Pius X Girls’ National School in Dublin, Irland.

He explained the science behind rockets and how things like the amount of fins and the shape of the fairings affected the rocket’s stability and ability to soar, including hands-on experiences.

We thank Lorcan for his remarkable commitment into promoting the active involvement of girls and women into STEM disciplines.

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