Switch2Product | DAER Awarded Projects

In the 12th edition of Switch2Product | Innovation Challenge, three out of the 25 awarded projects have been presented by students and/or researchers of our Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER):

AeroSwitch – A system that allows a distributed-electric-powered airplane flying like a single-engine or a twin-engine traditional aircraft, simulating typical normal and failure conditions, for safer, green and cheaper pilot training

Neurav – A turnkey solution for search and rescue drone activities, greatly improving survey, target tracking and obstacle avoidance capabilities

OPT-IN FCS – Developing innovative optical pressure sensors for integration on multiple human-machine interface applications

All the winning teams are induced into the start-up acceleration program, including team skill honing, concept prototyping, product development, market entry strategy, business model testing, and funding survey.

Furthermore, Neurav and OPT-IN FCS have been selected to receive a grant amounting to 30,000 Euro each.

The Switch2Product contest of the Politecnico di Milano is proposed by PoliHub, the Politecnico di Milano Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator, together with the university Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and Deloitte.

The programs aims at developing innovative solutions, new technologies, and business concepts proposed by students, alumni, researchers and faculty of Politecnico di Milano.

The 12th edition involved over 600 participants, with 180 candidate projects.

A selection process borught them to 70 and eventually to the final 25 winners.
Congratulations to all DAER winners!

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