RRL - Rotorcraft Research Laboratories

Research activities within the Aerospace Science and Technology Department (DAER) of Politecnico di Milano are organized in scientific laboratories. These laboratories represent the core of the research competences developed at DAER over the years. They are highly specialized, agile and vital competence centers. A long standing tradition of activities in relation with rotorcraft, and the presence of several labs with specific competences on the diverse aspects that characterize this type of vehicles, motivated the opportunity to coordinate the research activity in a higher level structure, the Rotorcraft Research Laboratories at DAER (RRL).

Its mission is:

  • to communicate the competences of DAER in the area of rotorcraft technologies
  • to act as the focal point for collection and distribution of information to the participating laboratories

Participating laboratories are:

The competences provided by these labs and their past and ongoing research activities are briefly described in the following. The points of contact can be directly reached by email for further details.

The current point of contact for RRL is Pierangelo Masarati

A brief description of the Rotorcraft Research Laboratories of the
Aerospace Science and Technology Department can be downloaded here.

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