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Il Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale incoraggia una ricerca in grado di rispondere alle continue sfide dei cambiamenti in atto, contribuendo a orientare positivamente lo sviluppo tecnico, tecnologico ed economico.


Aerospace Structures, Materials and Technologies

Multi-functional structures and MDO methodologies including AI-based approaches, high-velocity impacts and crash, structural instabilities, fatigue and damage-tolerant structures, advanced materials and manufacturing processes, health monitoring technologies.


Aircraft and Rotorcraft Design, Aerodynamics, Dynamics and Control

Flight dynamics and performance, unconventional configurations and design methodologies, UAVs and Advanced Air Mobility, active and adaptive control systems, autonomous guidance and navigation systems, fluid-structure interactions, structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, rotorcraft aerodynamics and aeroacoustics.


Fluid dynamics, computational engineering, energy conversion

Aerodynamics, turbulence, spray and combustion, reacting flows, aeroacoustics, computational fluid dynamics, co-design methodologies using HPC, non-ideal fluxes for energy conversion systems, wind turbines.


Space science and engineering

Mission analysis and design, astrodynamics, environmental impact of space missions, space debris management, trajectories optimization, autonomous spacecraft guidance and navigation, space surveillance & tracking, interplanetary CubeSats, primary and secondary thermochemical propulsion.