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Project Hybris

Structural battery hybrid-electric aircraft.
Winner of the RAeS E-Conditions Fixed-Wing Design Challenge 2015-2016.

Student Team

Andrea Bernasconi, Fabio Biondani, Luca Capoferri, Alberto Favier, Carmen Velarde Lopez de Ayala (Erasmus)


Lorenzo Trainelli ↗, Carlo E. D. Riboldi ↗


RAeS E-Conditions Fixed-Wing Design Challenge 2015-2016

Competition type

International design competition (open to all)


Royal Aeronautical Society ↗


1st place



Hybris is a new general aviation aircraft concept for a 4-seat hybrid-electrc airplane, aiming at demonstrating innovative technologies for drastic chemical and noise pollution reduction, while maintaining competitiveness in terms of operating costs and flight performance. The key element of innovation in the design is the use of structural batteries, i.e. multifunctional composites that can store energy and sustain mechanical loads, which represent a cutting-edge technology likely to unfold its potential in the field of aeronautics.



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