Three elements lie behind the foundation of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER): the worldwide importance of the aerospace engineering field, a keen awareness of the role of a technical University in this field and a solid background in aerospace engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Our vision is to be internationally recognized as one of the leading institutions in the world’s aerospace community, pursuing excellence in research, education and knowledge transfer.

The mission of the Department aims at achieving highly ambitious scientific, educational and societal goals:

  • to preserve and advance knowledge in aerospace engineering through cutting edge research in order to find solutions to present and future demands of society;
  • to intensively pursue fundamental research to provide solutions for tomorrow’s problems;
  • to create and develop forefront technologies to play a proactive role in our partnership with the aerospace industry;
  • to provide students with a solid background in aerospace engineering and train qualified engineers for leadership positions in several technical fields in society;
  • to make the Department a leader in the national and international aerospace community.

DAER is now carrying out research and training activities in a broad aerospace context, focusing in particular on the most advanced and challenging engineering fields. By virtue of its inherited tradition and nature, the Department’s activities will transcend the limits of the aerospace field and will export advanced technologies to other areas of human civilization. The Department’s activities will affect different areas of society, including the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of atmospheric and space vehicles, environmental protection in aerial transportation, the exploitation of wind as a source of energy, the exploration of space, the training of highly professional engineers.

Download the "Scientific Project" of the Department.

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