Student Competition Awards 2020

Project AeroSwitch Trybrid

Student team: Lorenzo Alberti, Davide Pasquali (team leader), Andrea Santeramo, Matteo Tombolini
Lorenzo Trainelli, Carlo E. D. Riboldi
AIAA Graduate Student Design Competition 2019-2020
Competition type: International graduate student design competition
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
1st place

Trybrid is a disruptive concept of a single GA training airplane model capable of fully accomodating the contrasting needs of a single-engine training syllabus and a multi-engine one. By acquiring this one-of-a-kind hybrid-electric, distributed propulsion airplane, flying schools would drastically reduce acquisition and operation costs of their fleet, while enhancing safety of flight, environmental footprint, and public acceptance. The peculiar underlying design of the propulsion and control systems is the object of a pending patent.


  1. Trainelli L., Riboldi C. E. D., Alberti L., Pasquali D., Santeramo A., Tombolini M., "Velivolo Plurimotore Simulante un Monomotore via Hardware e Software" ("Multi-Engine Airplane Simulating a Single-Engine Airplane by Hardware and Software"), Italian Patent Application no. 102020000010369 (priority date May 8, 2020).

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