DAER's Hybris patent is the winner at IPA2021

Alumnus Alberto Favier

DAER's patent "Aircraft with Electric Battery, in Particular Hybrid Aircraft", European Patent EP3538435A1, has been annouced as the winner at the Intellectual Property Award 2021 (IPA 2021) in the Aerospace category.

The concept, selected among 216 contestants in seven technological areas, was developed in the "Hybris" project by alumni Andrea Bernasconi, Fabio Biondani, Luca Capoferri, Alberto Favier, Federico Gualdoni, Carmen Velarde Lopez de Ayala and professors Carlo E. D. Riboldi and Lorenzo Trainelli.

It centers on the design of innovative electric-powered aircraft using structural batteries in the airframe, i.e. multifunctional composites that can store energy and sustain mechanical loads.

This represents a key to drastic chemical and noise pollution reduction, while maintaining competitiveness in terms of operating costs and flight performance.

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