Two PoliMI's professors between the 100 best Italian researchers selected by Cartaditalia

Camilla Colombo associate professor at the Department of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies and Matteo Maestri associate professor at the Energy Department among the 100 best Italians selected by Cartaditalia.

The third issue of Cartaditalia, the new contemporary Italian culture magazine launched by Paolo Grossi, director of the Institute of Italian Culture in Brussels, comes out.

The first two numbers were dedicated to Italian documentary and design. The next, in June, in Italian, French, Dutch, English and distributed in all the Italian Cultural Institutes in the world, is devoted to Italy for scientific research (non-humanistic) and includes a selection of the 100 best young Italian researchers under 40 active in Italy and abroad, including, for the Politecnico di Milano, Camilla Colombo and Matteo Maestri.

The 100 profiles have been identified by drawing on the selections of the European Research Council, the World Economic Forum, the Jesuve; and through a final evaluation by a scientific committee composed, among others, by Ilaria Capua of the University of Florida, Roberto Cingolani, IIT Director of Genoa, Dino Pedreschi of the University of Pisa, Rino Rappuoli of GSK and Fernando Ferron of the Infn.

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