ASDL - AeroStructures Design Lab

ACDL - Aerostructures Conceptual Design Lab


Contact Person

Prof. Sergio Ricci

Phone Number

+39 02 2399 8319

Mail Address

Ongoing activities

  • Automatic generation of low-medium fidelity aero-structural models.
  • Fast structural sizing, aeroelastic analysis and optimization.
  • Multi-objective topological optimization of compliant structures for morphing application.
  • Active aeroelastic control, including wind tunnel validation.

Future plans

  • Development of conceptual-preliminary design procedures to analyze non linear highly flexible aircraft
  • Implementation of integrated aero-structural optimization procedures for the optimal design of passively and actively controlled flexible aircraft
  • Design, implementation and experimental validation of morphing devices for transport aircraft based on compliant structures
  • Design, implementation and experimental validation of active devices and strategies for Maneuver and Gust Loads Alleviation

ERC Keywords

  1. PE8_13 Lightweight construction, textile technology
  2. PE8_4 Computational Engineering
  3. PE7_1 Control Engineering
  4. PE8_1 Aeospace Engineering

Free Keywords

  1. Conceptual and preliminary aircraft design
  2. Active, aeroelastic and morphing aircraft

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