A Letter from Wuhan - Suggestions for coping with the COVID-19 from a Chinese Colleague

At DAER we had the great pleasure to receive the following spontaneous message of warm affinity from our colleague prof. C. Gang from the Xi'an Jiaotong University.

Dear Prof. Sala, Prof. Masarati, and Prof. Bernelli,

How about you and your families? It seems that the COVID-19 situation in Milano is very similar to my hometown Wuhan in February. There were more than 40,000 COVID-19 patients in some weeks. At that time, nearly all of the Chinese people stopped moving and just stayed at home to fight the COVID-19.

I stayed at home with my family without going out for more than 40 days, except buying some necessary daily use. From my experience, staying at home and using masks when going out are very important and effective means to fight the COVID-19. It's responsible to protect ourselves and also to protect others via reducing the social activities.

I heard from the news that the Italian and Chinese governments are collaborating now to fight the COVID-19 together. I believe the COVID-19 situation will be controlled soon.

Good health to you and your Families and friends. Best regards
Chen Gang

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