Belt and Road Aerospace Innovation Alliance. Politecnico di Milano among the leading institutions

On September 3rd and, 4th 2019, the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of Politecnico di Milano will host the Council Meeting and General Assembly of the "Belt and Road" - Aerospace Innovation Alliance" (BRAIA). This alliance, part of the "One Belt One Road" Chinese initiative, was triggered in April 2017 by the action of the Northwestern Polytechnical University and the Chinese Society of Astronautics. Currently it can count on the collaboration of more than 50 public and private entities belonging to the aeronautics and space sector from a wide number of countries including USA, UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Algeria, Egypt, Ukraine, Russia, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Australia. The alliance promotes cultural exchange and collaboration among members at any level organizing workshops, conferences, meetings, student and specialization camps, international challenges etc.

Politecnico di Milano and, specifically, the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology is among the founders of the initiative and has been recently elected as member of the General Council and of the Standing Council. The event hosted by POLIMI is the first General Assembly hold by the BRAIA outside the China mainland and will gather rectors, directors, high-level representatives, experts, and professors discussing about the future perspectives of the aerospace field and relevant actions supporting cooperative technology advancement.

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